Tuesday, 21 May 2019

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Wilder Moving Average
The Support and Resistance levels are analyzed using the moving averages including trend and reversals. Wilder Moving Average and Exponential Moving Average will change before an SMA as they are more responsive to up to date prices. They are apt for dynamic trade. Moving averages similar to SMA tend to move more slowly giving us the required information on the long existing trend.

WSMA1 = Wilder’s Smoothing for the first period.
WSMA(i) = Wilder’s Smoothing of the current period(except for the first one).
CLOSE(i) = The current closing price.
N = The smoothing period
 Price Crossover
When a price crosses a moving average it is known as price crossover.
Bullish signals are likely when the price moves above the Moving Average.
Bearish signals are likely when the price moves below the Moving Average.
The best consequences for the crossover trading can be predicted when the moving average slopes are in the direction of the trade.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

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Displacing the moving average
In order to predict the trends, the usual moving average is displaced either forward or backward in chart. It is called as "Displaced moving average” as can take the moving average and shift it by a number of intervals. It is generally used in trading strategies to seek improvement over the usual moving averages.
Let’s discuss the graphical design above:

A 14 - day SMA placed on the daily chart of Silver
A 14 - period SMA is added.
All can deduce that; the price crosses the regular moving average before crossing the displaced moving average.
What are the effects of using a displaced moving average?
Less crossover signals
More reliable signals, filtering out small trends
More lag in signals
It is important for us to understand, the impact of shifting moving averages before we can apply them in our trading strategies.
The difference between a fast-moving average and a slow-moving average
Displacing moving averages in right gives more lag and left helps in cycle analysis.

Friday, 3 May 2019

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The Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA)
TEMA can be phrased as a technical indicator with a confederacy of:
i)A single exponential moving average
ii) A double exponential moving average
iii)A triple exponential moving average
Objective of TEMA:
To smoothen price and other data.
To reduce the slow time taken by any individual exponential moving averages. It can be applied as a replacement for traditional moving average methodologies or any other indicators. It also serves as a momentum indicator, or in other terms (TRIX) which follows overbought and oversold markets.

Calculation based on the chart above:
1. EMA = 15- day EMA of the closing price
2. Double EMA = 15 day of the closing price
3. Triple EMA = 15 period day of the closing price
4. TRIX = 15-day in Triple EMA overbought and oversold
It is important for us to observe how these two lines turn flatter as the lag increases. It can be noticed that, when the triple 15-day EMA is moving down, TRIX is negative. And when the triple 15-day EMA raises up, TRIX is positive. The up turns & down turns are kept to a minimum by the extra smoothing. In order to reverse a downtrend, it takes more than one-day advance.
TRIX as a Momentum Indicator shows:
When a negative value is make obvious in an oversold market and positive value is revealed in an overbought market. A negative value suggests momentum is decreasing while a positive value suggests increasing momentum.

Buy signal: When TRIX crosses above the zero line.
Sell Signal: When TRIX closes below the zero line.
Important market turning points can be identified by the difference between Price and TRIX.
When TRIX is applied as a leading indicator, it is advisable to use it along with another market timing indicator so as to reduce false signals.
Calculating TRIX:
An EMA of the data is taken for a defined period. Then an EMA is taken of that result obtained for the same period. The percent change in value of the third moving average is then returned as the value of the TRIX. At the beginning, of the data series, the value of TRIX is considered to be Zero. As it uses EMA, primary values comprise in its calculation the zero value. It is possible to ignore values before three times the period has completed.