Wednesday, 7 November 2018

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List of Bullish Option Strategies:
The below bullish option categories are most commonly used strategies that are appropriate for a bullish outlook.
This is a single position strategy that involves only one transaction. It is suitable for beginners and comes with an upfront cost.
Only one transaction is required for this strategy, and it fabricates an straight credit. It is not suitable for beginners.
This is a simple strategy suitable for beginners. It involves two transactions to create a debit spread.
This is upfront but it's not really suitable for beginners because of the trading level required. A credit spread is created using two transactions.
This is complex and requires two transactions; as such it isn't suitable for beginners. It can create either a debit spread or credit spread, depending on the ratio of options bought to options written.
This relatively complicated trading strategy isn't ideal for beginners. Two transactions are involved, and a credit spread is created.
There are two types of bull butterfly spread:
i)                   call bull butterfly spread  
ii)                put bull butterfly spread
It's a complex trading strategy, requiring three transactions, that creates a debit spread. It is not suitable for beginners.
There are two types of bull condor spread:
 i) Call bull condor spread
ii) Put bull condor spread.
This strategy necessitates four transactions and it is not suitable for beginners. It creates a debit spread.
This is a complex trading strategy have need of three transactions. It makes a debit spread and it is not suitable for beginners.

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