Sunday, 8 July 2018

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SGX Nifty Future:

SGX Nifty is the Singapore Stock Exchange and is one of the leading stock exchange markets in whole of Asia. It implies that the Indian CNX Nifty is traded in Singapore exchange. In fact, it allows foreign investors to take positions in Indian market and hence, it is a very popular derivative product. Singapore Exchange doesn’t allow Indian stocks to be traded but it allows trading of future products like SGX Nifty Futures. 

With the live price of SGX Nifty Singapore Future, it becomes possible to predict Indian stock market behavior more correctly. Singapore stock exchange is opened about 31/2 hours before the opening of Indian stock market. Hence the price of nifty future at Singapore exchange is as well as Indian stock market. Nifty future trading is allowed only in F&O segment.

Intraday Nifty Futures:

NIFTY Covers 60 % of the total market capitalization and is described as an index of 50 blue chip companies. These companies are listed in National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the performance of these companies is represented by Nifty. 

Trading done on future basis allows investors to speculate stock indices, interest rates and other financial securities on the future price of commodities. It allows investors to hedge their exposure to commodities. Future trading also allows producers to fix the prices for the goods that they are buying or making. This trading occurs on futures market all around the world.

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