Sunday, 1 July 2018

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Mid Cap:

Companies that is higher than the smaller companies but lower than the big blue chip companies under this segment of mid cap. Their financial position though not as stable as the blue chip but still they manage to get positive reviews from the investors and the market. They work on standard and established business models and therefore they have a sustained growth ladder. The main advantage of the companies under this segment is that investor will be benefited by the large cap company’s stability and also get the benefits of the growth that pertains to the small cap companies. These companies will also be able to give you better returns when compared to the big-cap companies who have not been able to go beyond a certain point and so their performance gets retarded. Similarly the small cap companies are those who are not able to take a big leap though they give the investors the advantages of the growth period. 

The market capitalization terminologies are not only criteria that investor’s investment decision should be based upon. Though this forms major part of the decision there are other factors like the company performance, news items that could have an impact on the share price and so on. A cumulative approach and study of all the technical factors goes a long way in taking the right investment decision.

Small Cap:

Small companies will bring about lot of efficiency in their performance and reinvest their profit back into their business. By doing such activities they try to grow up the ladder and such companies may ultimately become big one day. Many of the big companies today were once upon a time coming under the segment of small cap. But their sustained growth and profitability has enabled them to reach such a position. This is the main advantage of a small company. 

It gives the investor’s confidence and benefit of earning early profit during their growth stage. The best return provider during the bullish market is the small cap companies. If proper research and technical analysis is done then the investors could very well invest in potential small companies.

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