Saturday, 2 June 2018

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Bear Market Strategies:

The profits that can be earned in bull market can also be achieved in bear market. But to do this trader has to go for riskier options are very less risky which can also help. In futures we can sell a future and keep that short position open for one month or more. Similarly I options, we can buy a put option or sell a call option. Those who can work with proper skills, for them futures can provide great chance to earn. Without the proper skills, future can be the deadliest instrument, which can get trader is in big trouble, so those who lack such skills must stay away from it.  Trader must always remember that the degree of risk is dependent on how we take actions. If we fail to take timely actions in stocks, it can be grave mistake too. Whether it is future or a stock delivery both have the capacity to erode our capital fast. Future is more deadly, because there is no cap to how much you can lose. In case of delivery, most trader can lose their entire capital. But in case of future, the loss can be unlimited. In case of deliver based transactions, we can save the erosion in our capital by hedging our portfolio. This is only useful to extent of saving erosion in our portfolio. It does not provide us with any chance to make money in bear market. One option is S.T.B.T. where a stock is sold on same day and recovered next day at lower price. Such position is taken when one sees that a stock has declined today, and can continue the decline tomorrow. By doing S.T.B.T. they take advantage of that decline and recover the stock in their portfolio next day.

Precise Technical Signals that indicate a start of a Bear Phase:

Signals on Monthly Charts:
Prices first breaks below its 14 day average.
RSI Breaks below its level of around 60 or 50.
Negative crossover of 3 and 7 month average is received.
There after Negative crossover of 7 and 21 months is received and bear phase gains strength.
When prices break below its 50 month average, it is said to be in long term bearish mode. At that time RSI also remains below 50, which is another sign of weakness.
Signals on Weekly Charts:
Prices breaks below its 50 weeks average.
Negative crossover of 21 and 50 weeks average is received.
Averages of 21 and 50 weeks break below 100 weeks average for the first time since the bull phase was established.
When price also breaks below 100 week average, it can be said that long term bear phase is established.
RSI also breaks below 50 and is unable to move above 50 for long time.
Upon received the above signals, one must exit the market or an individual stock.
Signals on Daily Charts:
Prices break below 200 day averages.
Now first the 50 day average breaks below 200 and then 100 day average breaks below 200. Long term bear market is in place.

his one has to go for riskier options e

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