Wednesday, 27 June 2018

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How to Pick a Stock?

Our best guess would be that trader have just decided to start investing and are completely new to the world of investment and stocks. If directed properly stocks can either be our best companion or our worst enemy. Taking care of personal finances and accumulating wealth is not a minor issue, it is rather a difficult task. But there are certain questions which always dwell inside the mind apart from investment. 

Picking a stock is difficult task to do and if not done with the proper knowledge it can lead us. Everyone should know that how to choose a stock of the company where we can invest and get a better return? It’s a heavy task. But once we are preferred with the art of picking stock, we not only going to make some good profit but also feel happy the whole process of investing.  There are many myths and misconception in the mind of the new investors and one of them is that they think there is an perfect strategy that will lead them straight to a Mount Everest road without any failure but sadly it is not true, as exciting the word stock may sound, the stock market is still like a roller coaster ride, once we are on it, we will get unexpected surprises and hence there are chances we may fall.
Share Market Trends:

Share Market Trends means that the format, style, which is followed by the people in particular direction due to the style first owned by a known person in a financial market. Depending on the time duration the share market trends are classified in three forms:
  • Secular for long time duration
  • Primary for medium time duration
  • Secondary for short time duration

Share Market trends are characterized by framework of analyzing technical aspects and identifying markets by traders so to predict a price in the market when price reaches hold up and fighting levels in market for particular period of time.
The First Share Market trend is secular market which is usually a series of primary market which spans for a period of 5-25 years which is quite a long term trend. A secular bull market consists of a larger bull market and smaller bear market, while larger bear market and smaller bull market forms the part of the secular bear market.


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