Tuesday, 29 May 2018

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Bull Market Strategies:

Step 1:

Initiate buy’s based on technical signals received on the charts. Technical signals that confirms beginning of a Bull Market.

Signals on Daily Charts:

Short Term Daily Moving Averages like 3 day, 7 days moving averages give buy signal, and they start moving above 50 and 100 day moving averages then 50 and 100 day moving average positive crossover strengthens the trend. All the short term moving averages like 3, 7 and 14 days and medium term moving averages like 21 and 50 days start moving above 100 day moving average. Finally all the short term and long term moving averages plus 100 day moving average crosses 200 day moving average, which confirms beginning of a bull market.
Signals on Weekly Charts:

When golden crossover of 3, 7, 14, 21 and 50 is received on weekly charts, long-term bull market is in place. When prices breakout above its 200- week average, confirmation is received. RSI moves above 60 and manages to hold above it most of the time. When positive crossover of 100 and 200 day is received, the bull phase extends itself. Upon receiving the above set of signals, one must initiate fresh buys, or hold the stocks already in portfolio, tracking charts o individual stocks and also index.
Signals on Monthly Charts:

Price moves above its 50 month average in monthly chart. RSI moves above 60 in monthly chart and stays above it. Positive crossover of 7 and 21 day average is in place. There after golden crossover of 14, 21 and 50 is received, and the long term bull market is established. Upon getting above signals, one can initiate buys with a long-term view, and hold the stocks already in portfolio with regular charts of individual.

Step 2:
Now we can look for Stocks that are making 52 weeks high’s
In an already established bull market most investors search diligently for companies who would become multi baggers in future. In bull market, the stock market itself gives them a list of such companies every day in the form of the new 52 week highs list which is available in financial news. Most likely it’s because they have believe some of the misconceptions and wrongly believe that if something appeared on the new highs list, it’s too late to buy. In some speculative stocks this is possible, but not in all cases. Smart and informed investors buy such stocks based on their research and information and put their smart money in it, which takes such stocks to newer highs.  Stocks don’t appear on it unless there is something in fact really good and tangible happening with the company’s prospects. Many of the up trends evidenced in the new highs list will most probably continue on for some time. When market enters long-term bull market, we can get that signal on monthly charts. In daily charts, we may get early signals, but unless the monthly charts give confirm signals, such up moves witnessed are not long lasting.

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