Friday, 30 March 2018

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Trend Trading is a trading tactic that efforts to capture gains through the analysis of an asset's momentum in a scrupulous direction. The trend trader enters into the long position when the stock is trending upward. Conversely, a short position is taken when the stock is in a down trend.
Trend trading is one of the most efficient and easy to use methods for making money in the stock market. Trend trading success depends upon identifying and analyzing the trend after it has started and getting out of the trend as soon as possible after the trend reverses.
Trend Trading engages taking a position in the markets with a view of holding that position for week to months for larger than normal gains. Trend traders or investors generally trade the long term or secular trends and are not anxiety with the day to day market volatility.
Breaking Down Trend Trading
This strategy presumes that the present directions of the stock will carryon into the future. It can be used by short, transitional or long-term traders. In spite of their selected time frame, traders will remain in their position until they consider the trend has reversed. But reversal may happen at different times for each time frame.

Important Rules for Trend Trading Any Market

One of the most psychologically difficult but most satisfying trading policies is that little something called trend following. This strategy is often applied by macro fund managers, trend follower funds and an array of other players. To some level, most traders and investors are trend followers, the difference falsehood in their approach to analyzing the market.
By definition, in the trend following strategy, traders and investors simply stay the trend in the underlying market until it ends. It's a uncomplicated concept, however it is also one that beginner traders often undervalue by miles in terms of the degree of skill needed to successfully execute the strategy. Beginner traders look at a trend, see a low point and a high point, and think to themselves, picking absolute lows and highs in trading and investing on a consistent basis is not possible.
The trick falsehood in having a set of rules and technical tools that if and when triggered, give the trader the move up and down that trader’s entry point, stoploss, or profit target has been triggered. The second and more difficult part is training ones brain to actually take the trade when the signal has arrived, and leave second guessing, doubt, fear and self-indulgence checked at the entry, each and every time. Consistency is the key to success here. The more constant a trader is in sticking to trader/investor rules, the less taxing the trend following strategy is on the mind.
Ø  Golden Rule: Don’t chase the stocks, patience is rewarded
Ø  Buy or Sell: Shrinks to moving averages or trend lines or breakouts
Ø   Buy or Sell: Breakouts above moving averages and trend lines
Ø   Buying or Selling after confirmation increases probability of success
Ø   Buying or Selling at shrinks greatly limits losses and maximizes profitability
Ø   Use momentum oscillators for confirmation of support and resistance at moving averages and trend lines
Ø   Traders must use candlesticks for confirmation of support and resistance zones
Ø   Traders/Investors use convergence zones- the coming together of multiple indicators, to add to trend following positions
It’s ok to get stopped out-that's the cost of doing business. Just be sure to get rid of losing trades quickly and without uncertainty. The next trend trade will be coming soon.
Also, traders must attentive that a trend is broken or weakening when,
• A major trend line or moving average breaks.
• Long candlesticks start to emerge on the charts.
• Momentum oscillator begins to show deviation from price action.


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